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The mod.TH american wasteland.
[ Скачать с сервера (7.92 Mb) ] 08.11.2009, 19:12
- Off/On Menu::
No Boundaries: Off/On
Boostplant: Off/On
Late Ollie After SS: Off/On
THUG1 SS Angle: Off/On
Buttslap Counter: Off/On
Bertslides: Off/On
- Rail and Wallride Spin Outs (from THUG1)
- Network Play
- Start observing/Quit observing
- Enabled Kissed The Rail to Sticker Slap boost from THUG1
- Chat Commands:
/set Set custom restart
/goto Goto custom restart
/game Start game
/end End current game
/quit Quit
/help Command list
- Enter chat message using the button to change camera angle. The
bug that used to crash you if you press it in main menu is fixed.
Text limit removed. Change your camera angle in the Options menu
- Cust Restarts (Setting or skipping to custom restart any time)
- Toggle bike
- New Game Times (5, 10 and 1337 seconds)
- Moon Gravity online
- Focus online
- Edit Tricks During Game (Edit Tricks menu instead of View Tricks)
- 4 observers instead of 1
- THPS4 Spin Slack (Half spinable special air tricks)
- Ped part menu in Create-A-Skater
- Unlimited scaling, deck scaling, xyz and x y z axis for every part
- Infinite value and saturation in Create-A-Skater color menu
- Backslash for colors and symbols (replaced with ` the one at top
left of your keyboard)
- Created Parks online. You can load them online just like on any
other THPS game, but you can't load one if you are already in a park,
you have to be in a level
- Player limit for created parks removed completely
- The game automatically loads your save file on startup
- 43 pre-made skaters
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